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The Project C'Europe on Stage

Preparation of Austrian Learners for the Malta performance with Regina Schreiber

The duration of the project is limited with 2 years, from October 2007 – July 2009. In this period of time the partners will explore burning issues of their partner countries and perfom three Forum Theatre plays. The first perfomance is scheduled for Malta in May; the second perfomance will take place in Vienna in October 2008, while the third perfomance will happen in Greece in March/April 2009.

Within the Grundtvig Learning Partnership project C’Europe on Stage each partner researches one burning issue within their culture of origin. Based on the material found, a director of another culture or partner country develops a Forum Theatre play – where the audience plays an essential part, being spect-actors rather then spectators, which are put on stage in the partner countries in 2008-2009 e.g. the Austrian director goes to Malta, the Greek director comes to Austria and the Maltese director goes to Greece. Each performance includes learners from all partner countries – giving a multi-cultural dimension to the work of the directors, while the audience will always be local people from the hosting country. All scenes are looked at from the European perspective and emphasis the European dimension and ultimately re-inforce the development of a European identity.

With the means of Forum Theatre partners and their learners develop a thorough understanding of „Foreign-European“ Cultures (C2) and at the same time the partner will mirror back their own Culture (C1) and cultural determined behaviour. The results are increased awareness and tolerance for cultural differences and similarities of human behaviour – across all cultural boundaries.

The staging of the theatre plays – for local audience of the partner country - is taped on video and arranged in a common video of all plays. During the project’s lifetime partners, learners and interested parties can exchange ideas and state their opinions about the evolving new Europe on a weblog. The final product or video will be available to the public after completion of the project and shall assist the process of appreciation of European Cultures:

For more information please refer to our weblog ceurope-on-stage (in English) 

Have a look at the brochure designed for "C'Europe on Stage" here