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The Business Club "AUSTRIALIA"

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22.09.14 20:12


Der Verein The Business Club AUSTRIALIA und die L³-Academy - The Business Club AUSTRIALIA laden zur...

22.09.14 20:12

Generalversammlung a.o.

Der Verein The Business Club AUSTRIALIA lädt zur außerordentlichen Generalversammlung am 27....

25.11.13 19:20

General Assembly

11 December 2013 - The Business Club AUSTRIALIA and L³Academy - The Business Club AUSTRIALIA...

Bringing People Closer

The Business Club AUSTRIALIA

NPO-NGO for fostering the advancement, development and explorationof economical, technological, academic and personal co-operation, respectively relations, between citizens of the EU, inhabitants of candidates as well as applicant countries and selected export destinations



Seat: 1010 Vienna  Goldschmiedgasse 10/3

Post: 2401 Fischamend  Smolekstrasse 47                    

Mobiltelefon+43 (676) 31 87 336
E-mail Club-Sekretariat


European Bronze Award for Quality in Mobility 2008
Austrian Grundtvig LLL Award 2008
Intercultural Week 2007 - with Representatives of the EU and Mayor Christa Vladyka
AUSTRALIAN-AUSTRIAN Business Seminar 2003 - with ambassador Deborah Stokes
AUSSIES for KIDS 2002 - with Tamee Harrison
AUSSIES for KIDS 2000 - with Sandra Pires and Andreas Hagara